ENUM Working Group

Wednesday, 18 April, 14:00 – 15:30

A: Administrivia

  • Welcome
  • Scribe
  • Jabberwok
  • Microphone etiquette
  • Agenda

B: Minutes of previous meeting
Confirm result of last call on mailing list

C: Review Action List

  • ENUM-AP-63.1 – [OPEN] Denesh Bhabuta, Peter Szegedi: Contact enum operators “brainstorming among ENUM operators”
  • ENUM-AP-63.2 – [DONE] Niall O’Reilly: Move the enumdata.org website

D: Main presentations

  • XConnect/DE-CIX NGN Peering Co-op
    – Wolfgang Tremmel
  • ENUM alternatives
    – Alexander Mayrhofer

E: ENUM Operations

  • Tier-0 Report
    – Ann Barcomb

F: Short News

  • enumdata.org update
    – Niall O’Reilly
  • Reform of the Swedish numbering plan

G: Discussion on Plenary presentation

X: Interaction with other working groups


Z: Close
Summary of action items