Daily Meeting Report -- Monday, 16 April

Dr. Žiga Turk, Slovenian Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport

Dr. Žiga Turk, Slovenian Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport

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Opening Plenary

RIPE 64 was opened by Rob Blokzijl, RIPE Chair. Dr. Žiga Turk, Slovenian Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport then gave a welcome address which stressed the importance of investing in the next generation of an open and transparent Internet for Slovenia and the rest of the world. He provided a government’s perspective on the run out of IPv4 address space, explaining that IPv6 offers countless opportunities for development. The RIPE 64 Meeting hosts, Jan Žorž (Go6), Marko Bonač (Arnes), Andrej Kos (LTFE) and Franc Dolenc (Post and Electronic Communications Agency of the Republic of Slovenia) also gave short welcome addresses. The session continued with Greg Hankins, Brocade, presenting “Pushing the Limits, a Perspective on Router Architecture Challenges”, and Richard A Steenbergen, nLayer Communications, presenting “MPLS RSVP‐TE Auto‐Bandwidth: Lessons Learned”.


Celebrating 20 Years of the RIPE NCC

Daniel Karrenberg addressing the Plenary

The second plenary session started with a presentation from Gorazd Božič, ARNES, SI‐CERT. Gorazd explained the difficulties he experienced with trying to have sensitive Slovenian material removed from YouTube. Suitably, this was followed up by a presentation from Mike Hearne from Google. Mike focused on the problem of spam and Gmail, and more generally the abuse Google is seeing in 2012 and the report handling procedure Google uses. The session concluded with a special set of presentations around the theme “20 Years of the RIPE NCC”. The RIPE NCC’s Chief Scientist, Daniel Karrenberg, started proceedings by looking back at the last 20 years, thanking staff past and present, RIPE NCC members and the RIPE community for the contribution they’ve made to the RIPE NCC. The Chairman of the RIPE NCC Executive Board, Nigel Titley, followed by looking at the issues facing the RIPE NCC today and stressing that the membership could and should make its voice heard so the RIPE NCC could take the right course. Finally, APNIC’s Chief Scientist, Geoff Huston, did what he does best and looked to the future to see what might lie in store for the Internet.


RIPE NCC 20 Years Quiz – Win an iPad!

Apple iPad

To celebrate the RIPE NCC’s 20th birthday, we’ve created a quiz for RIPE 64 attendees to test their RIPE NCC knowledge. Pick up a quiz sheet from the Registration Desk, fill it in and then give it back to the Registration Desk. The sheets with the most correct answers will be submitted into a prize draw for an iPad at the end of the week!

Monday Morning Tutorials

Two tutorials were held before RIPE 64 kicked off on Monday morning. Both the Resource Certification (RPKI) and the Debugging your DNS tutorials were well attended.

Unwinding at the Welcome Event

A stimulating first day at RIPE 64 was followed by a well-attended Welcome Event sponsored by Brocade. Attendees gathered to discuss the day’s hot topics, meeting highlights and to catch up with their industry peers.

Meet the Executive Board BoF Tuesday 08:00 – 09:00

The RIPE NCC Executive Board invites you to an informal breakfast meeting to talk about the RIPE NCC and its services. This BoF takes place in the Blue Room.

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