IPv6 Working Group Draft Agenda

Thursday 19 April 2012, 11:00 – 12:30

A. Administrativa

  • Minutes
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B. Deploying IPv6 in the Swedish Public Sector
Erika Hersaeus, PTS (Swedish Post and Telecom Authority)

C. Update from the RIPE NCC
Susannah Gray, RIPE NCC
Marco Hogewoning, RIPE NCC

D. IPv6 RIPEness Update
Vesna Manojlovic, RIPE NCC

E. Quick Status Update on Altibox IPv6 Roll Out
Ragnar Anfinsen, Altibox

F . Reverse DNS Domain Names for IPv6 Address Blocks
Joseph Gersch, Secure64 SW Corp


Thursday 19 April 2012, 14:00 – 15:30

K. Experiences in Setting up Automatic Home Networking
Jari Arkko

L. Handling the Different Equipment Profiles and Standards From a Vendor Perspective
Eric van Uden, AVM

M. IPv6 Profile Document
Tahar Schaa, German Government

N. Replacing RIPE-501
Jan Zorz, go6