Internet Connectivity and Network Information

WiFi network connectivity at RIPE 64 is provided by Verilan.

Announcements about technical information and connectivity will be posted at the Info Hub and online.

You can report technical issues to the RIPE NCC Technical Crew (wearing blue badges) or to staff at the Registration Desk.

Connectivity Information

To use the RIPE Meeting wireless connectivity, configure this network name:
ESSID: ripemtg

The wireless connectivity at the RIPE Meeting is:
802.11a/b/g compliant

Connectivity Problems

If you encounter any problems accessing the RIPE Meeting network, please use this script. The script can be run on Mac OS X or Linux and will collect various measurements to help us debug network issues much quicker.


The RIPE Meeting wireless network is password protected. The password is available at the Registration Desk. If you need further information about this, please contact the Registration Desk at the venue.

The wireless network will be encrypted using WPA2 Personal.

While the network is encrypted, take precautions when dealing with confidential information over the Internet.


IPv4 addresses are assigned dynamically from the RIPE Meeting address space. During RIPE 64, Dynamic DNS updates are being run. IPv6 addresses are assigned using stateless auto-configuration.

Network Information

Charts showing statistics about the RIPE Meeting network are provided.

Static Addresses

You will find RFC2322 compliant business cards in the OPS room instead of the Terminal Room as in previous RIPE Meetings.

Network Information:

Resolvers for IPv4,
Resolvers for IPv6 2001:67c:64:42::2, 2001:67c:64:42::4

RIPE 64 Technical/Connectivity Sponsors