Monday, 16 April, from 9:00 – 11:00

Resource Certification (RPKI) Tutorial
Alex Band (RIPE NCC) and Randy Bush (rpki.net)
In the Grand Union Hall

The focus of the workshop will be on creating proper ROAs for your route announcements, and using validation data within your BGP decision making workflow. We will collaborate with Dragon Research Labs (Randy Bush, Rob Austein).



Debugging your DNS
João Damas and Shane Kerr, ISC
In the White Hall

DNS is critical to almost any Internet usage, yet it can be a mystery to understand and problems with it difficult to fix. We want to make it easier for you to work with the DNS!

This tutorial starts with a quick introduction to the elements that take part in the DNS. Following this we continue by providing an overview of the tools DNS users and administrators have available to inspect and debug the behaviour of DNS, be it online or on your systems, comparing them and focusing on their strong points.

We will look at the behaviours of recursive and authoritative DNS servers and how they interact with the network and the sort of problems these interactions can create.

We then walk through some scenarios where DNS doesn’t work as expected and show how to try to figure out what is wrong and, if possible, how to fix it.