Useful Information

taxiicon.gifGetting Around

Although the city can be easily explored on foot or bike, there may be times when you prefer a bus. There are 21 bus lines running through the city: the main lines are 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, and 11. Lines 2, 6 and 11 end at midnight and the rest end between 21:30 and 22:00. The main lines run every 15 minutes with more infrequent service on Sundays and public holidays.

You can only pay bus fare using an Urbana Card – these are available at newsstands, kiosks and post offices or the LPP ticket offices. If ou have a smart phone, you can use the Trola app (Android only) for the bus schedule, Vlaki app for the train system, or the City Bikes app to rent a bike through the Urbana Card system from the bike points in the city.


Taxis can be hailed on the street or booked in advance: the latter is the cheaper option. It costs about EUR 1 to get in the taxi and EUR 0.75 per kilometre if hired in advance (EUR 1 if hailed from the street).
You can call a taxi on any of the following numbers: +386 31 311 311, +386 41 445 406, and +386 51 809 908.


Ljubljana is a very cycle-friendly city with bike lanes and bike traffic lights throughout.

You can hire a bike for about EUR 5 per day from Ljubljana Bike. They have ten locations across the city, including the train station, Slovenian Tourist Information Centre, Celica Hostel and the start of Miklošičeva cesta.

Ljubljana also has a citywide bike-share called Bicikelj with pick-up points all over the city.

To subscribe or find out more, visit their website.

emergencyicon.gifMedical Services

If you become ill or need medical attention while in Ljubljana, there are many hospitals and clinics available:

Barsos-MC (242 07 00; info [at] barsos [dot] net; Gregorčičeva ulica 11; 08:00-15:00 Mon, Wed, Fri; 08:00-14:00 Tue-Thur). Recommended (and tested!) private clinic charging EUR 20-30 per consultation.

Dental Clinic (Stomotološka Klinika; 431 31 13; Zaloška cesta 2; 08:00-12:00 Mon-Sat)

Central Pharmacy (Centralna Lekarna; 244 23 60; Prešernov trg 5; 7.30-20:00 Mon-Fri, 8:00-13:00 Sat)

Emergency Medical Assistance Clinic (Klinični Center Urgenca; 232 30 60; Bohoričeva ulica 4; 24hr) East of the Hotel Park in Tabor.

Ljubljana Pharmacy (Lekarna Ljubljana; 230 62 30; Prisojna ulica 7; 24hr) All-night pharmacy near the Klinični Center.

Medical Centre (Zdravstveni Dom Center; 472 37 00; Metelkova ulica 9; 7:30-19:00). For non-emergencies.

currencyicon.gif Currency and Banking

Currency Exchange

The Slovenian currency is the Euro. You can change money in most banks. If possible, exchange money at a bank during regular opening hours or use ATMs. Changing your money at hotels and some other foreign exchange shops is more expensive.

electicon.gif Electricity

EU standard: Slovenia 230V 50 Hz — round two pin plugs.